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Individual Therapy

  • 225 US dollars


I support people on their path to empowerment, emotional balance, and connection. With warmth and compassion, I provide an outside perspective free of judgment, and collaborate with you to work toward your goals in therapy. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with a problem or have too much emotional investment in it to be able to see clearly. Perhaps you are feeling stuck or conflicted at a point in life and are unsure how to move forward. Or maybe you simply want a place to feel safe expressing yourself. Together we can sort through the obstacles you feel are hindering your growth and keeping you from living the life you want. Specializing in the treatment of mood disorders, emotional dysregulation, and difficulty with early-mid adulthood life transitions, I enjoy building safe, authentic relationships with my clients to address these issues. Therapeutic change occurs through progress of processing thoughts and emotions, developing insight, learning new tools and skills for managing problems and crises, and integrating these experiences to create new behaviors. Together we can build on the experiences of your past and present so that you may move more confidently through your future.

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