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Modern Approaches to Mental Wellness

Online Counseling in California

Specializing in Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Life Transitions, and Relationship Issues 

Effective Therapy to Help You
Restore and Reconnect

You've been feeling disconnected, stuck, and at a loss for how to move forward in your life and relationships. Depression and anxiety have made it difficult for you to participate in life the way you want. Some days feel better than others, but there is still an underlying sense of discomfort, sadness, and disempowerment. You find yourself feeling out of control of your emotions, or struggling with destructive behaviors and withdrawing from others in shame. At a tipping point, you are seeking ways to explain what you have been experiencing, and regain control in your life.

You are ready for real change.

Despite your best efforts, you have not yet found exactly what you need to create meaningful shifts, and now feel sure that you can no longer do this on your own. You want to know there is a place for you- where you will be understood, cared for, free of judgment and shame. Whether you are new to therapy, or seeking a fresh perspective for your situation, it is valuable to have a supportive space to explore and develop a deeper awareness of yourself and your unique experiences.

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I Can Help!

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT123340)
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC12304)

I support people on their path to empowerment, emotional balance, and connection!


I am a therapist in San Diego, CA that helps people understand the impact of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors- both within themselves and in their environment- so they can change the way they interact and move through the world. My specialties include processing complicated emotions, improving communication, and navigating difficult life changes. I draw from my extensive training and experience to help people develop effective tools, skills, and insights- all while collaborating to help uncover healthy decision paths that allow them to grow toward their long term goals. If you are here and ready to take steps toward transforming your life, I am here to help! Call me at (858)833-8000 or email below to connect and schedule a free phone consultation.

Meet Jennifer


All therapy sessions are conducted via a secure telehealth platform.